Hello! Name's Kate, 21 y.o, bisexual.

I'm MMOgamer(now stuck in Wildstar) and I love to draw. I wish to be Concept Artist someday. You will find here mostly arts(tons of Wildstar robots), game screenshots (tons of Wildstar robots again) and tons of Wildstar robots.

If you want to contact me, please send me a note on deviant art, or send me a I appreciate all likes, questions and reblogs, thank you so much!

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Tomb of Freedom Nadd(offline): Ray "Inverno" Kraut(mainchar-55), Kerlust(20+) Chiaro(55), Lymari(55), Trellay(55), Nilish(44), Terris(37), Anivel(50)

Ebon Hawk(offline): Trellay(mainchar-40+), Nilish(20+) Chiaro(20+), Ray "Inverno" Kraut(20+), Taerona(10+).


Hey look at chick that I got xD

Yeah, I have controller for collar on her neck.

- Inverno

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