Hello! Name's Kate, 22 y.o, bisexual.

I'm MMOgamer(now stuck in Wildstar) and I love to draw. I wish to be Concept Artist someday. You will find here mostly arts(tons of Wildstar robots), game screenshots (tons of Wildstar robots again) and tons of Wildstar robots. Also I post a lot of stupid things. This blog is actually nothing but spam sometimes. Expect random post about SW, ME, DA and Supernatual :D

If you want to contact me, please send me an ask here or a mail ( I appreciate all likes, questions and reblogs, thank you so much!

Art tag, Deviantart


Zexel(Dominion main), Scazi, Nielan(Exile main), Henalyx


Tomb of Freedom Nadd(offline): Ray "Inverno" Kraut(mainchar-55), Kerlust(20+) Chiaro(55), Lymari(55), Trellay(55), Nilish(44), Terris(37), Anivel(50)

Ebon Hawk(offline): Trellay(mainchar-40+), Nilish(20+) Chiaro(20+), Ray "Inverno" Kraut(20+), Taerona(10+).


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